Kick Start Your Career as a Tax Preparer!

Becoming a Tax Preparer could be your first step to a stable career that you desire. Upskill and make a difference in people's lives. No Experience or College Degree is Required.

Why Should You Become A Tax Preparer?

As the saying goes, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” It wasn’t Ben Franklin’s cheeriest thought, but for Tax Professionals, it means built-in job security.

Becoming a tax preparer could be the first step to the stable career you want. The knowledge and skills you develop will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Becoming a tax preparer lets you gain full or part time employment. Moreover, you can work from home for yourself and start your own tax prep business, and help individuals who are grappling with the tax laws.

Becoming a tax preparer, you’re going to gain a sense of personal fulfillment that you might not get from other jobs. When you make all the numbers match up or find a way to help clients save money or see a larger tax refund.

A Challenging and Rewarding Career!

Why Learn From Us?

Eboni Lambert — Founder & CEO.

Tax Preparer Program

  • Filing Status and Income Basics 
  • Dependents and Child Credit
  • Deductions and Credits
  • Interest and Dividend Income
  • Preparing Tax Returns
  • Filing Taxes Online

What Will You Learn?

How to recognize and describe laws and regulations related to taxation for both individuals and the self-employed.

How to apply these appropriately to the preparation of tax forms.

How to calculate gross income and identify the elements of income that are included and excluded when making this calculating.

How to identify common itemized deductions including medical expenses, charitable contributions, and others.

How to identify and calculate tax losses; identify and calculate deductible expenses.

How to apply capital gains and losses to property transactions; accurately complete a basic Form 1040 Individual Tax Return with typical itemized deductions for a family.

What Our Students Have to Say

Great customer service support. Very hands on with teaching and making sure you’re able to understand the software. If you’re more a hands on person, this is the company for you.
Chyna Mae
From United States
This is an amazing company. The customer service was on point and she took care of my needs. Thanks so much!
Sheba Powell
From United States
Amazing teacher and Mentor !! Atlanta tax Mobb offers so much great information to keep you up to date ..
Chanelle Evans
From United States
If your looking for the perfect person to help you understand and really make your tax business next level your in the right spot ! Very professional , Ebony is an amazing mentor and teacher.
Taylor Medina
From United States


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a new career? We recommend you start with our Tax Prep course to start your career in tax planning.

Tax preparers compile tax and financial information for individuals and businesses to accurately file local, state, and federal tax paperwork. Some of their regular responsibilities include preparing tax returns using an electronic filing system. Computing taxes owed by following tax codes and reviewing financial records like income statements advising clients against tax liabilities.

You must be 18 years old, our tax prep courses are all open enrollment. You can register and start as soon as you receive your login information and are ready. 

The tax prep course is self paced learning mode, which means you take it at your own speed! Usually it takes 2 to 4 weeks depending upon your learning style.

Log in as a student with the email you used to purchase your course. You should have received an email from with your log in credentials. If you have not received it, please check your spam. If not in your spam, please reset your password.

Our course is designed to train the student to prepare tax returns and render tax services for all types of taxpayers, such as wage earners, salespersons, owners of small businesses, professionals, investors, home and rental property owners, farmers, etc.

Students have the right to request a full refund of their purchase within seven (7) days of the purchase date if unsatisfied with the online course material. Any other requests outside of this policy will be denied. 

You must have access to a computer and the Internet (high speed internet access is recommended). You can access the course contents from any web-enabled computer. 

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