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We are a community of people dedicated to helping those who need it most. We help you get where you want to be by connecting with others, who have been there before you.

Eboni Lambert — Founder & CEO.

Atlanta Tax Mobb Academy

Welcome to The Atlanta Tax Mob Academy! Our goal is to train you and your team in the latest tax and notary laws, accounting methods, and payer and provider practices. By providing our attendees with the best opportunities for career advancement, we will help your business grow.

Our mission is to offer the best in Notary and Tax Preparer Classes as well as a better way of conducting business with one another. We believe that everyone should have a voice in their community, this is why we create new standards through our educational programs while teaching students how to become responsible leaders.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

We are excited to introduce you to the professional force behind our company. Our lead instructors are world-class professionals, who have achieved success in their careers and beyond.

Cedric torbert CFO

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What Our Students Have to Say

Great customer service support. Very hands on with teaching and making sure you’re able to understand the software. If you’re more a hands on person, this is the company for you.
Chyna Mae
From United States
This is an amazing company. The customer service was on point and she took care of my needs. Thanks so much!
Sheba Powell
From United States
Amazing teacher and Mentor !! Atlanta tax Mobb offers so much great information to keep you up to date ..
Chanelle Evans
From United States
If your looking for the perfect person to help you understand and really make your tax business next level your in the right spot ! Very professional , Ebony is an amazing mentor and teacher.
Taylor Medina
From United States
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